Class of 1990

Christine A. Sereni-Massinger Published Children's Book Series

Christine A. Sereni-Massinger Esq., JD, law, is a criminal justice professor with Saint Leo University, in addition to teaching she is also a professional horse trainer.  She attributes a lot of her success to her passion and unique bond with horses.  Sereni-Massinger is fascinated by the study of horse psychology and behavior, “Working with them has really helped me with my teaching in terms of interacting with my students." To further demonstrate her love of horses, Christine Sereni-Massinger has published a book series for children called The Adventures of Speedy the Wonder Horse. 

Christine A. Sereni-Massinger gradated with the class of 1990 and would go on to purse a career in teaching, along with professional horse training. She has recently ventured into the world of children's literary publishing with her series The Adventures of Speedy the Wonder Horse. 

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