Join WidenerCONNECT, a Powerful New Networking Platform on the Widener Inside Track

Anna Shermeyer '12, Alumni Council Vice Chair
Screen shot of the WidenerCONNECT homepage

Recently, I had the honor of participating as a judge for the Widener University Summer Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (SURCA) program. Seeing students from multiple disciplines present the research they engaged in this summer alongside professors and industry professionals clarified for me what truly makes a Widener student stand out among the crowd. It is their liberal arts education coupled with civic engagement, leadership responsibilities, and real-world experiences that ensure a well-rounded professional prepared for success, in other words, the Widener Inside Track. 

The Alumni Association knows that the Widener Inside Track extends beyond graduation. Our primary goal is to create unique programs and services that connect graduates with fellow alumni and students to symbiotically ensure personal and professional success.

When I think of my experience as a Widener student, one of the most valuable aspects was my connection to alumni who were able to provide guidance, share their experiences, and open doors to employment opportunities. Now, as an alum, I am excited by the prospect of being able to do the same for current students and other alumni. WidenerCONNECT provides that opportunity and so much more.

What is WidenerCONNECT?

WidenerCONNECT is Widener’s new, official, social and professional networking platform for both alumni and students. It enables students and alumni to share not only their academic and professional backgrounds, but also all the experiences and interests that are unique to them. WidenerCONNECT provides a community space for alumni to network and offer guidance. During the soft launch phase, I saw this platform as a potential game changer in how Widener students and alumni are able to connect—with the power to transform connections into opportunity.

Why should you utilize WidenerCONNECT?

• WidenerCONNECT is easy to use and will enable you to build connections with Widener and fellow alumni.
• WidenerCONNECT enables you to tap into and harness the power of the Widener network by:

  • Building a network within your industry or geographic location.
  • Building meaningful, purposeful connections between current students and selected alumni mentors.
  • Sharing career advice or gaining insights from experienced professionals.
  • Finding job opportunities with direct connections to Widener alumni.
  • Providing access to tailored career development resources.
How can you get the most out of WidenerCONNECT?
  • Network with your Pride Community. Select the "Explore the Community" tab and use the search tool to find alumni in your areas of interest. You can connect online and even set up a video chat.
  • Start a discussion. Use the "Discussion" tab to post or answer questions that have been posted by other alumni.
  • Access resources. Explore webinars, articles, and tools posted in the Resources section. 
  • Invite classmates. Use the referral link to encourage your Widener friends and colleagues to join WidenerCONNECT. 
  • Be active! We encourage you to explore the platform and ask questions. Everyone in this network is here to connect and support one another.

As an alum living in the Washington, D.C. metro area, I am excited to use WidenerCONNECT to network with other alumni living in the region, as well as to stay connected with work going on at Widener’s main campus – both through the Alumni Council and the Science Alumni Affinity Group.

I encourage you to join me on this platform. If you have not personally received an invite to join, contact the Alumni Office ( to provide your most up to date contact information. Once you are signed in, you can access WidenerCONNECT at

I look forward to seeing you on the platform!

Join WidenerCONNECT

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